Sunday, September 29, 2013


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The Green

This outfit is inspired by the school style in the 90s.
To get this 90s style i added my black button up dress that i got from Urbanoutfitters which was quite expensive but it was worth buying, this dress has a cut out on the sleeve, on top of that i used my Tie-Dye Jumper that i made myself, to also keep myself warm. (this jumper was grey from carboot sale for only £1).
To make this outfit stand out more i added a tights knee socks that i got from primark longlong time ago and then i added a tattoo choker to get this 90s look. Also for my shoes i used my Black Dr Martens that i got from Office. The final piece that we need for this look is ofcourse a BACKPACK! To keep all your school iteams and other stuff. For the winter l'll just add a leather jacket. peace

Tattoo choker - ebay
Button up dress - Urbanoutfitters 
Tie-Dye Jumper - Carboot/DIY
Dr marten boots - Office
Tights Knee socks - primark 
Back pack -

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Star Of Love

This is my first blog, i will be talking about all of my outfits that i take. you might hate it or love i just hope that i'm doing this right.

This day was a hot sunny day but it was still a bit cold so i had to wear a jacket but at least i get to wear this amazing vintage dress that i got from carboot, this wasn't a short dress it was long, of course i had to cut it to make it more of a 90's style. So then i added this chokers that i got from ebay to make this outfit stand out more but of course lets not forget the beanie! this is the most important thing for most outfit i wear, this only because it make the outfit not too girly but still look amazing, i got this beanie from carboot then i added this cannabis leaf that i got from Ebay. Also i got this denim jacket from carboot even tho i have so many denim jacket and i keep buying it anyways to finish out the outfit i wear this black boots from H&M. peace

Jacket - Carboot
Vintage Dress - Carboot 
White Beanie - Carboot & Cannabis - Ebay
Black Boots - H&M
Chokers - Ebay

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