Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Night Light

Yesterday's outfit.
So I went out for a cocktails and dinner with my gay friend, so we decided to do are ootd. Its featuring This is the few clothing that i got from them, l'll be featuring loveclothing a lot in my ootd.
So i went for grunge look, like always.
YAY featuring Jeffrey Campbell.
and also Original Adidas.

My ootd!

Choker -
Ying Yang Necklace - Ebay 
Cross Eye Necklace -
Alien Galaxy T-shirt -
White Leggings -
Black Fur Jacket - Thrifted 
Green Sungalsses - Thrifted 
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane -

My Friends ootd!

Gorilla Jacket - Jeremy Scott - Original Adidas 
Camo T-shirt - Jeremy Scott - Original Adidas 
Sneakers Metallic Wings 2.0 - Jeremy Scott - Original Adidas 
Black Harem Pants - Ebay
Metallic Print Backpack - Kokon ro Zai
White Beanie - Factory Fox

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Carboot sale #1

So i went to carboot today and i found amazing iteams, i just cant wait to style this babies.
But for the moment l'll just show what i bought.
I only spent £9 and i have 11 iteams how amazing is this. 
If you're like me who hate spending so much just go to carboot thats where you would find so much stuff and also very very cheap.

Lights Out

Yesterday's Outfit.
There's nothing special about this outfit but i DIY this jumper that i got from charity shop, i wanted to get the punk look and i didn't want to spent £50 on one when i can make it myself.
I also can't stop wearing my spikes choker its a part of me know. 

Green Sunglasses - Thrifted
Choker -
Ying Yang Necklace - Ebay
Eye Necklace - Avon
Destroy Jumper - DIY
Velvet Skater Skirt - H&M
High Knee Socks - Primark
Black Dr Martens - Office 
Peace Ear cuff - Select

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today's outfit.
Today Didn't feel like winter, it was quite warm to be honest, its a good thing, this is why i went for a skirt also my army jacket that i got from carboot, its very light so if its very cold i have to layer it but today i didn't have too.
I also just went for a simple white crop top that i DIY, i wanted a grunge look, thats why i put holes and cuts on the t-shirt. + its very rock and roll!!!!

Green Sunglasses - Thrifted
Choker -
Cross Necklace - New Look
White Crop Top - DIY
Black Velvet Skirt - Thrifted
Army Jacket - Thrifted
Unif Cross Trainers -

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yesterday's outfit and Tuesday.
So winters is coming and i get to wear my jackets again, the only thing that im excited for winter, but today was a rainy day that didn't stop me from wearing my fur jacket, super in love with it. 
I got it from nasty gal, i don't think they sell it anymore but they do have a lot more different style of fur jackets.
By wearing all black it makes this fur jackets stands out very well because of the tie dye look, it can also go with other colours but i always have to make sure that it goes well with the fur jackets so else i will look stupid..haha.. Just be careful how to style it.
I also starting to wear my Unif Cross Trainers which i love so much, its from, Its still on stock.peace.

Bone Me Beanie -
Blue Sunglasses - Thrifted 
Fur Jacket - nastygal
Crop top Jumper - Thrifted
Spikes choker -
Cross necklace - Select 
Ying Yang Necklace - Ebay
Black High Waisted Jeans - Topshop
Unif Cross Trainers -

I also wear the same jacket and shoes on the 15th (Tuesday), Another way i would style the fur jacket and the shoes.

Fur Jacket - Nastygal 
Turtle neck Top/Dress - Charity Shop
Gold choker - Thrifted 
Unif Cross trainers -