Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Festival Look

Outfit One
Cap : Ebay
Necklace :
Play Suit : Made By Me
Brown Suede Trousers : H&M
Platform Sandals : Select 
Outfit Two
Cat Eye Sunglasses :
Necklace :
Top :
Skirt : H&M/DIY
Bag : Matalan 
Shoes : Friends

Its summer and its all about summer festival so i did some 2 outfit that i would wear to a festival.
The necklace is the statement for the festival, so i added this amazing hippie necklace that i got from and seriously you see how much it is? its so cheap and such a great quality!!!! Its my favourite! for summer or winter!!
Even though this second outfit is all black, this top is really light fabric and it won't be too hot to wear in a very hot heat. The back has to be my favourite!!!
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